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I’m a hands-on, results-driven marketing enthusiast with for- and non-profit B2B/B2C/D2C experience in medical, footwear, and education industries in San Francisco, New York, Tokyo, and Portland. 

Drop me in an environment where I don’t speak the language, don’t know anyone, and probably will get lost, and I’ll be perfectly content. I thrive on adventure, challenge, and opportunities to conquer obstacles. It’s this flexibility, adaptability, and resourcefulness that has served me well—from teaching in Japan, to working trade shows in India and Brazil, to juggling numerous competing marketing priorities in a fast-paced, highly matrixed corporate environment.

I attack my work with the fastidiousness of Felix and the approachability and humor of Oscar. I’ve got the curiosity and drive of Mulder and the logical, analytical approach of Scully. And deep down inside, I’m a grammar geek with a penchant for perfectly executed campaigns that inspire action, enthusiasm, admiration, and brand loyalty. 

When I'm not working, I'm traveling, camping, hiking, and playing with paper, metal, wax, and fabric. 



★ Brand Strategy, Transformation, & Development ★ Integrated Marketing Campaigns ★ Copywriting & Editing ★ Content Marketing ★ Print & Digital Media ★ Corporate Communications ★ Public Relations ★ Event & Trade Show Marketing & Logistics ★ Consumer/Retail Promotions ★ Strategic Partnerships & Sponsorships ★ Sales & International Distribution ★ Product Launches ★ Sales & Marketing Meetings ★ Fashion Shows ★ Foundations/Fundraising ★ Teaching & Training ★