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Academy Resource Center: Redesigned and rebranded, 2016

ARC Customer Satisfaction Ratings.jpg

Customer satisfaction ratings increased between 13 and 40 percent since I revamped staff training with interactive exercises.

Staff training: These dos and don'ts used to be presented as a boring list. I increased staff's interest and attention by turning them into an interactive, entertaining exercise.






The Resource Center is the Academy's booth at their annual meeting. This 110' x 110' booth comprises 18 kiosks where most divisions of the Academy are represented, including Member Services, the Foundation, Advocacy, Practice Management, Clinical Education, and Patient Education.


I was in charge of marketing operations from 2011 to 2022. I developed the strategy and oversaw the implementation of tactical marketing plans to drive attendance and meet sales goals. That included pre-, during-, and post-show communications, in-booth events, staff training, signage, demo stations and displays, sample inventory, and freight.


To position the Resource Center as attendees' one-stop-shop for everything Academy; to increase customer satisfaction levels; to increase in-booth sales despite customers' increasing tendency to purchase products online.


Our Resource Center marketing collateral previously was minimal and had disparate looks that didn't relate to each other or to the annual meeting. I introduced more marketing vehicles along with design themes that tied all collateral together with one cohesive, clean look and drafted text with stronger calls to action. By making multiple events a regular part of our days, I created more reasons for attendees to visit the booth. And I increased the efficacy of staff training by increasing attention through humor, games, and flashcards. 



Before I was on the job, customer satisfaction ratings had been consistently between 60% and 83% for the four criteria we measured. I led our 80+ staff to increase those ratings steadily every year; by 2017, we scored between 90% and 95% in all four areas. Despite attendees' spending only 2 hours on the show floor, and purchasing more often online, our onsite sales hung on and we continued to exceed our sales goals by up to 29%.

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