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SSF After
Membership Before
Membership After
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EyeNet After
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5 ads, before and after Academy rebrand. Ads were revamped not only in design, but in voice, brand words and attributes.

1/2: Surgical Scope Fund. 3/4: Membership. 5/6: EyeNet Magazine. 7/8: Orbital Gala. 9/10: Ophthalmic Medical Assisting.





In 2013, the American Academy of Ophthalmology began the process to fully rebrand our 32,000-member organization.


This initiative went far beyond a new logo, palette, and font. It included our tagline, brand architecture, written voice, streamlining internal processes, and enforcing stricter adherence to brand guidelines by all departments.


I was a member of the original cross-functional team of 18 staff who conducted the full brand audit required to compile the RFP for branding agencies. 


I continued as a member of the five-person core Brand Team (along with my VP and three directors) who further defined our new brand strategy and led Academy staff through the rebranding process. This included:


  • Acting as lead copywriter and brand liaison for internal clients throughout the Academy

  • Reviewing every single branded thing, from marketing collateral and stationery to achievement pins and building signage.

  • Fine-tuning our new brand guidelines for visual and written communication

  • Creating document templates

  • Establishing best practices for various types of communications

  • Training all 200 Academy staff


We soft-launched the new brand at the Academy Resource Center at AAO 2015 and completed the transformation company-wide in December 2016. We continue to fine-tune and perfect. In early 2019 we introduced the next phase, wherein we further defined naming conventions and added new design elements to our existing brand toolbox.