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Master of Business Administration

Sacramento State University, 2020

Executive MBA Program

When I decide to do something, I do it in force. 

I resolved to pursue an MBA degree in October 2018, moved to Sacramento and started in March 2019, and finished in July 2020. 

Rather than doing my capstone project related to my current job, I preferred a greater challenge—to explore a company and industry I knew almost nothing about. 

I chose Gekkeikan Sake USA (Folsom, CA) because I was thirsty to learn more about the Japanese beverage and its challenges in the U.S., and to construct a blueprint for increasing market share. I embraced the opportunity to create a comprehensive, strategic marketing plan in just 10 weeks that required extensive research into legal, regulatory, and economic issues as well as sociocultural, environmental, and sustainability forces.


In March 2015 I embarked on a quest to earn the

Certified Trade Show Marketer (CTSM) designation. 


By November 2016 I completed the program of 28 courses,

a three-hour comprehensive exam, and an 80-page portfolio demonstrating application of essential learning components.


My portfolio is a case study on the American Academy of Ophthalmology Resource Center at AAO 2015 and AAO 2016. I detail measurable objectives, exhibit design and production, integrated marketing communications (IMC), results reporting, and more. The portfolio review committee commented:

  • "Very thorough, well done, and very professional”

  • “Fascinating reading”

  • "Most thorough IMC section we have seen in a portfolio”

  • “Your enthusiasm for always making things better shines through.”

  • “You should consider presenting a topic at ExhibitorLive.”


I earned the Bronze level upgrade in 2017 and the Silver and Gold level upgrades in 2018. I've also volunteered as a mentor to new enrollees in the program and am a portfolio advisor. 


CTSM is the only university-affiliated professional certification program for trade show and event marketers (Northern Illinois University).


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